South African Solar Investment Calculator

Solar PV for your home

Interested in powering your premises with reusable solar power?

We have put together a tool which would give you an understanding of the kind of savings/profits you could experience based on your monthly electricity bill, your municipality's electricity rates (real-time data), as well as preconfigured profiles for your general electricity usage and rate increases over time. You may also configure when majority of your sunlight hours will be captured. Find out more here.

The reports are generated from data for grid tied systems, we are currently putting together a model with batteries to directly combat loadshedding.

Please fill in the form below. You are only required to fill in the basic information.


Municipality:   Monthly bill:   R
Installation Cost:   R  *What you expect to pay for the installation of the system

Roof Pitch:   °  *The pitch of your roof, leave blank for optimal pitch for your region

Check the boxes for when you recieve your sunlight, only check if you receive sunlight for the entire period
Morning Sun     Mid-day Sun     Evening Sun  You need sunlight to take advantage of solar power*Morning and evening yield lower results

Percentage of daily electricity used while the sun is out
%  *This will affect your direct consumption of Solar Energy

Use your region's average annual PV potential 


Include loan model:  
Deposit:   RInterest rate:   %   Repayment periods:   months


Define the rate that the electricity price will increase every year
%  *A higher rate will improve your savings over time

Define the rate that the grid-tied rental will increase every year
%  *This affects the monthly rental cost you incur to sell unused energy to your municipality

Define the rate of increase for the amount your municipality will pay for your unused energy and sell the credit back to you
%  *Affects the amounts for selling and buying your solar energy to and from the municipality
Define the inflation rate
%  *Inflation rate is used to calculate the Present Value(PV) for the accumulated profits/savings over the investment period.

Below are example snippets of the generated reports and interactive chart on a R1800 monthly bill
solar calculation chart solar calculation summary

*Disclaimer - Data and reports generated by Solar Calculator use average for solar generation of the region over the year as well as projected costs for electricity prices in the future. Therefore, results would differ slightly from actuals and are subject to rates implemented by your municipality. Solar Calculator is still in development, new features are constantly being added and improvements are constantly being made to existing logic.

Please let us know if you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions by sending us an email. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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